JUST DO IT . Smoke like a Junkie , Fuck like a Nympho.
The most amazing girl in the world , been thru hell and back with her but she always make me happy i wish i could prove to her that im still the same guy she fell in love with 3 years ago and that together we could go to the ends of the earth id do anything for you , anything to see you smile i love you .

Lost my cool .

It was the worst mistake ever , i snapped and thats what happens , it scared you away & i know you dont wanna go thru that you been thru it i shoulda known better . Im sorry theres not much else to say i love you i never meant for none of that to happen , but do what makes you happy you deserve it really just smile you look so beautiful when you do anyway , i fucked up i guess i lost you forever .

I teller im in love with you but i cant be with you .

I know .

listen ive never been good at making choices , never have  i made the right one but i made this one and all i could think is of you . I thought this would be a good choice considering how i felt like you didnt feel the same but all i do is think of you , you want nothing to do with me its understandable but look how you acted , pushed me to this acted like you didnt care for me and suddenly you care ? it looks like you do , is it cause you were willing to give me a chance , cause you really did love me , wanted to be together and be happy ? i guess well never know but what i do know is that i love you i want you & wanna know what you think  .